The Sexualising and Beautifying

The recent trend of publishing photobooks has become somewhat of a controversial hot topic. As photographers, of course, we have our take on the subject. Photobooks is a very beautiful, very artistic way of taking portraits. It is supposed to be a very relaxed, comfortable and pure environment to portray a set of photographs. The purpose is to show the most beautiful features – whether it is the look of the subject, the colour tone, the environment, etc, but it doesn’t mean that the subject must be in as little clothing as possible, or as sexy as possible, or as sleazy. The current crop of photobooks seem to lean towards the sleazy side of the practice – and it has skewed the meaning of the photobook, which is a shame.

As a photographer, I have shot my fair share of boudoir portraits. Our goal isn’t to focus on the sexy; our goal is to shoot a set of beautiful private portraits that can often be just a simple use of lighting – it has nothing to do with sexualising the subject. There is a big difference between sexualising and beautifying. Most of our subjects are bride-to-bes and so it is understandable that our subjects are at their most beautiful when preparing for the biggest days of their lives. In that moment, taking these portraits produce the best results. It doesn’t have to be sexy. It doesn’t have to show skin. As a female photographer with many years of wedding photography, I am confident that I know where to find my focus when trying to capture my subject’s beauty.

This type of photography is becoming more and more popular, as evidenced by the news today. Unfortunately, more and more people seem to be confusing the types of photography. Let me stress again: beauty does not equal sexy. It does not equal sleazy. A photograph that evokes emotions or makes you think, is already a beautiful photograph. This is why I am interested in shooting boudoir photography, because there is such a depth of creativity in boudoir that wedding photography does not allow. Photographing a woman at her most beautiful as she prepares for her wedding means that this period of time will be captured for posterity – and as solo portraits, this means that no matter what happens in the future, these portraits belong to her. Perhaps it is because I’m a woman myself, but I do feel very strongly about this matter.

Possibly all this rambling won’t have explained my point of view very well, but if you’d like to know what I mean, please visit my website for my perspective of beauty.

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