Boudoir Photography

It goes without saying that ‘Boudoir photography’ is all about being sensual and sexy.  Different types of women will have different types of sexy.  It’s not really about being beautiful or pretty or pleasing to the eye, although all of our brides seem to fit these descriptions.  It’s about intimacy and elegance and drawing the eye of the observer to their most attractive qualities in a way that makes the woman in question feel sexy.

I’ve met women who are sexy and they know it.  They’re hot, they’re bold about it.  There are women who don’t know their appeal.  They’re sweet, and kind of introverted and maybe need a set of boudoir style portraits to really bring out their sexy.  The most exciting thing about this boudoir line is that I get to explore the concept of sexuality with all these different types of women – to me, it’s sort of like female empowerment in a world that’s ironically traditionally catered for men.


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