About Me

World Top 30 wedding photographer. Susan Ng has over ten years of experience in the wedding photography industry as the principal photographer for Johnny Productions. She studied music when she was at university and went on to gain a Masters in Composition before turning her interest in photography into her profession. Her philosophy towards photography is simple: the most beautiful images come from keeping things simple. With a natural eye for detail and a sensitivity that comes with having a female perspective behind the lens, Susan’s goal is always to retain the honest beauty of the moment. Her belief is that a less structural approach gives her subjects more life and more space for fluid expression. Although her base in primarily in Hong Kong, Susan has travelled the globe and has photographed many a wedding, pre-wedding portrait and private portrait both in and out of the country. Her portfolio includes all sort of weddings, big and small, and notable dignitaries.

Style Me Pretty Little Blackbook Member 2015