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‘Boudoir Style’ photography is not a new concept and harks back to the Hollywood of the 1920s where many a big-named actress had portraits taken in this style. The term ‘boudoir’ is a genre of photography that takes place in either a photographer’s studio or a luxury hotel suite, and is often a set of sensual intimate images of a woman in various candid and posed photographs where nudity is more often implied than explicit. ‘Bridal boudoir’ photography is a growing popular trend and has become a fashionable, and personal wedding gift from a bride to her groom. These private portraits are a unique gift to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or even just as a lovely surprise.

As a wedding photographer in Hong Kong with many years of shooting private portraits and wedding photographs, Susan has developed her own distinct style of boudoir photography in Hong Kong. Her skill as a pre-wedding photographer has become quite sought after for those who want a more natural and comfortable feel to their pre-wedding photography. As a female boudoir photographer in Hong Kong, Susan has a penchant for creating an easy, comfortable atmosphere for her subjects which is essential when it comes to shooting sexy boudoir photography.



World Top 30 wedding photographer. Susan Ng has over ten years of experience in the wedding photography industry as the principal photographer for Johnny Productions. She studied music when she was at university and went on to gain a Masters in Composition before turning her interest in photography into her profession. Her philosophy towards photography is simple: the most beautiful images come from keeping things simple. With a natural eye for detail and a sensitivity that comes with having a female perspective behind the lens, Susan's goal is always to retain the honest beauty of the moment. Her belief is that a less structural approach gives her subjects more life and more space for fluid expression. Although her base in primarily in Hong Kong, Susan has travelled the globe and has photographed many a wedding, pre-wedding portrait and private portrait both in and out of the country. Her portfolio includes all sort of weddings, big and small, and notable dignitaries.

Style Me Pretty Little Blackbook Member 2015




The Sexualising and Beautifying

The Sexualising and Beautifying

The recent trend of publishing photobooks has become somewhat of a controversial hot topic. As photographers, of course, we have our take on the subject. Photobooks is a very beautiful, very artistic way of taking portraits. It is supposed to be a very relaxed, comfortable and pure environment to portray a set of photographs. The…

The Beauty of Mum

The Beauty of Mum

Boudoir photography isn’t just for blushing brides and anniversaries.  It’s been said that pending motherhood gives a woman a precious glow that is unlike any other.  For nine months, this miracle of nature is one of the most beautiful moments only a woman can experience. Sexy is not just for the slim and slender.  In…

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography

It goes without saying that ‘Boudoir photography’ is all about being sensual and sexy.  Different types of women will have different types of sexy.  It’s not really about being beautiful or pretty or pleasing to the eye, although all of our brides seem to fit these descriptions.  It’s about intimacy and elegance and drawing the…


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